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The tale of a high-efficient Speaker

Iīd like to introduce myself.

I am a new loudspeaker, but you should hear me perform on low levels !

I am definetly not first choice for anybody, but for those of you who love to listen to music through a very good sounding solid state amp or especially for the owner of a (single-ended) tube amp starting from 3 watt.

What is so special about me ?


Iīm coated with a very special lacquer which has two big advantages.

First - it prevents that echoed sound-waves spring back into the new generated sound via reflection because it has a suede-like surface.

Second - for that very reason it looks “and feels” very smooth and interesting . I am available in 27 colors -



I feature the very best cross-over that is known on the audiomarket. Following the golden rule that the best part in the signal path is no part at all -.....I donīt have ANY !



Iīm following only one way and thatīs :” simple truths are allways the best!” So Iīm displaying only one full range speaker!


The dimensions :

One full range speaker - thatīs only working with a horn, isnīt it?

So youīre dealing with a loudspeaker only as large as a telephone booth. How about that ? Iīm measuring only :  

82 x 23 x 28cm - (h,w,d)



I house a 10cm paper cone which is treated with a mystical lacquer(C-37) that is able to shift resonances instead of damping. Click, if you want more information about this magic lacquer. Because I work alone I donīt have any problems with partners hence no phase-shifting, no time smearing, no interferences and no matching problems .



93db 1W / 1m. ....... right now Iīm partnering a 30year old tube amp which offers the incredible amount of 2x2watt and .....Iīm doing fine .



As you have guessed already my “masters” are coming from a musical ( tuby ) point and after experiencing over 20 years of solid state amplification they finally reached the vacuum state. Hence the need for a high-efficient loudspeaker. Since they were already very experienced in the field of resonance control, damping and choosing the right materials they decided to create ME !



Instead of raving about myself Iīd like to quote some music lovers:

“ One forgetīs to breathe...”

“ Where did you hide the subwoofer ?”

“ I thought I knew my CD quite good....”

“ Thatīs just puure music ... ”

“ A perfect illusion of the sound stage ! ”

“ The sonic colors are a dream ! ”

“ While listen to music through your system I experience the interpreters emotions...”

“ The fading of music is clearly audible right to the last bit..”


My Name :

We decided to name our speaker  - GIORA -  this is the first name of Giora Feidman a wellknown jewish clarinetist who performs in a unique way that reminds us of our loudspeaker -Technically highly skilled but combined with emotions and a sense of  love and joyfullness.



You canīt use me as a “party-speaker” , I donīt like any test CDīswith train whistles and toilet flushs but I am happy to perform Michael Jackson, OSKAR Peterson, W.A. Mozart and lots of music thatīs evoking emotions in you.

And here I am ........


you can own me for only $ 2198

plus transport

Iīm sporting two fashionable dresses for free

( a black evening suit & a white marriage gown )

but if you want to see me in a fancy dress you have to pay $ 95 extra charge.