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Marquee 9000LC



Since the introduction of the Marquee range the display industry has come to regard the Marquee projection system, with its high level of performance and stability, as the standard for professional data and graphics projection. The Marquee series takes this standard to a new level.
The Marquee 9000 series has taken elements from a number of specialized enhancements that were made to purpose-built models within the Marquee range and made them available as standard features for all models in the Marquee 9000 range.

Other features like improved geometry, which provides top & bottom keystone and both skew & bow adjustments in the vertical and horizontal plane allow for almost infinite projection possibilities.

All Marquee models retain the same form factor and small footprint of the previous generation. This generation of Marquee display system is fully compatible with all previous accessories of the Marquee range. So for those looking to replace their original Marquee projector(s).

There are as many applications in the realms of VR, Simulation, Status Display and Broadcast video which demand the image quality that only a true analogue CRT system can provide. The Marquee 9000 meets these demands by providing ultra high scan rates, the highest resolutions, true black levels and geometry correction to allow for installation into a wide variety of applications.



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